Ebbs and Flows

Ebbs and Flow... just as life has ups and downs so will your pitching
performances. I can not think of a year in my life as an athlete or an
adult that did not bring obstacles, setbacks or loss. I felt the need to
share a few reminders and help keep pitchers and parents confident and
working during the ebbs.

 This is a game of failure. A 1 for 3 day is a .333 BAVG which most would
consider a success even though you fail more than you succeed. Pitchers
at the collegiate level have a 65-80% ball strike ratio. A solid C-B
performance at a level where they practice and play 6 days a week.
Remember this when you are talking with your younger pitchers. Keep those
goals realistic and focus on your pitchers responses to obstacles and
uncontrollables more than outcomes.

 Anytime you take a break, learn a new pitch or play more than you
practice something is going to be sacrificed. Use those moments as
learning lessons and help reinforce you never loose you only learn. A
setback usually means something bigger is around the bend if you keep
going.There is no end to the learning and working of an athletic career.
Athletes do not reach a point that it just becomes easy and they can stop
working. Embrace the work and the seeking of new information because
knowledge is power!

Commit to the process! Pitching is one of the toughest, but most rewarding
positions on the field. A confident mentality is a must when you have the
ball in your hand every pitch. Become a master over your mentality by
focusing one pitch at a time. Ways to keep that approach is thru a
consistent prepitch routine and a clear pitch thought that leaves
fundamentals out. Compete and win each pitch and you will find the game
slows down and your ability to be the best you will start showing thru
more often and keep you in the flow longer.

Kyla Holas