Pitching Workouts

1 Month 25.00, 3 Months 75.00 or 6 Months 150.00 pitching practice plans for your pitcher or staff. Designed with pitch counts calculated to reach any goal, and keep your pitcher game ready and healthy in their pitching practice amounts. 

Workout Questions:

Pitcher Name/Age/Email

Number of Practice Days Wanting Per Week

Amount of Pitches Currently Throwing in Games

Upcoming Scrimmages/Games/Tournaments

Focus or Goals for Workouts

Pitching Tools You Currently Have to Use

Catcher or Throwing by Self

Any Other Information You Would Like to Share


"Coach Kyla Holas input for pitchers was an invaluable tool not only in training to compete at a high level, but also in pitcher maintenance and recovery.  Her detailed calendar and workouts scripted our season for success, as our pitchers believe in the system because it produced results immediately.  If you want your season to go to the next level, Coach Holas is an integral piece to your team as a whole."

-K.Slack Liberty HS

“The workout was challenging at times, but I could see results sooner than I thought.”

-Alyssa Fort HS Senior

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