What's New


Summer Hours have begin. MTAG will be open Mon 4-9, Tues 10-1 & 4-9, Wed 10-1 & 4-9, Thurs 10-1 & 4-9 Head to the scheduling app to book now!

Fall Hours are available to reserve online now. Jump in early.

T-shirts are HERE! Ask now about how to wear your MTAG pride!  

We added LED lights and Air Conditioning! Come enjoy the improved environment now!

The Lokator Target system is now on site and in progress tracking workouts in addition to the Velopro training harness and Minichute arm building training balls. Come check out all the training tools MTAG has to offer.

MTAG and the NPF have partnered! We are now a development partner with access to the sports top athletes. Learn from the pros and cheer them from the stands.

New scheduling site!

Crossover Symmetry now available for warm-up and arm care for all MTAG athletes!


Three lanes, LED lighting and AIR CONDITIONING now at MTAG!


Lokator target and app now tracking workouts at MTAG.


Velopro Harness

Perfecting the leg drag and heel position


MiniChute Ball

Arm Strength Training


T-Shirts are in thanks to Silkworm! Grab yours now.